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How eating contests lead to the discovery of a breakthrough in amazing weight loss.

How eating contests lead to the discovery of a breakthrough in amazing weight loss. I found a new breakthrough way to solve the obesity epidemic and I am giving it to the world where 2.1 billion people are overweight, obese, and morbidly obese.   I am not talking about some scam or voodoo money making scheme that rips off people that are truly in need of a REAL solution.   Five years ago and many clinical trials I have 100% proof that my patent pending Macroloading Method will solve obesity to safely lose the maximum amount of weight in the fastest time humanly possible.   The breakthrough I found was in eating contests what they all have in common is...

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I challenge MealEnders and Shark Tank to see which works better Bio-Curb or MealEnders.

  I challenge MealEnders to see which works better Bio-Curb or MealEnders.   What are they afraid of?   Bio-Curb works better than gastric balloon surgery by giving you physically less space in your stomach so you reach REAL fullness faster to trigger satiety.   Early satiety is the inability to eat a full meal or feeling full after only a small amount of food.   You can use Bio-Curb to achieve REAL fullness with zero calories that you control from 100% fullness to 1% fullness... no surgery can produce these results. In 30 minutes you can physically and mentally curb your appetite to stop hunger 24/7 without fail. Anyone young or old, male or female consuming 90% less will...

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Advertising and food addiction

=====>>>> Important please forward <<<====== Food advertising and obesity rates go hand and hand. What is troubling is everyone agrees this is true. What can stop this deadly trend? So far nothing is being done to stop food companies from peddling their insidious advertising that gets people addicted to foods that are making us fat.   Where is the profit for these companies to have us eat less? The answer is none! Profits are made in making us obese and obesity-related fixes. No different than what the cigarette companies have been getting away in doing. We all know how that went down. It took millions of people dying for us to wake up. Come on we are not that stupid...

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