Advertising and food addiction

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Food advertising and obesity rates go hand and hand. What is troubling is everyone agrees this is true.

What can stop this deadly trend?

So far nothing is being done to stop food companies from peddling their insidious advertising that gets people addicted to foods that are making us fat.


Where is the profit for these companies to have us eat less?

The answer is none! Profits are made in making us obese and obesity-related fixes. No different than what the cigarette companies have been getting away in doing. We all know how that went down. It took millions of people dying for us to wake up.

Come on we are not that stupid we all know eating too much of the wrong foods are making us fat and just like cigarettes the foods we are being advertised and consuming are addictive.

The proof is the obesity rates that are in pandemic proportions.

This is no joke as the world population of obese people now exceeds over 2.1 billion. The essence of food advertising is getting us to consume more and more of foods that are not making us healthier as there is no profit in healthy food.

The profits are in selling more and more consumption of highly addictive foods and all the fixes like diets, drugs, and surgery for the problems the processed food companies create.

By 2020 three out of four Americans young and old, male and female, will be obese.

But it won't be your fault as we have not started to fight back like we did with the tobacco companies that were killing us. The food lobby is still denying or ignoring that the food we have to consume to survive is addictive and making us fat. There is no warnings or labels like the cigarette companies have to provide that say: Warning consuming too much of this product will make you fat and will contribute to heart disease, diabetes, obesity-related cancer and make babies genetically prepositioned for obesity.

You laugh, but obesity related diseases kill more people than tobacco, wars, car accidents, smoking, accidental deaths combined. In fact, just in your life span 23.6 billion people will die of an obesity related disease. This is as serious as a heart attack we need to wake up and do something.

It is no secret over consuming food is the only way we become fat just as under consuming food makes us lose fat.

If we know the secret to weight gain and weight loss then why is the obesity rates skyrocketing? The reason is very simple (OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction.

We can't stop eating the foods that are making us fat. Okay, that's the simple reason...

What we need is a simple solution and all we have is two solutions recommended from the health communities.

One: Eat less on a starvation diet.

Two: Have some kind of bariatric surgery so that you have to eat less on a starvation diet.

So how are those solutions working out? I submit 2.1 billion people are saying not so well because the one thing that does not get addressed and the reason all OFA people just can't get over is diet crushing hunger and the need to eat highly advertised and highly addictive processed foods.

That's the problem and now there is a solution to controlling food addiction and uncontrollable hunger. It's called The Macroloading Method not a new diet, but a diet tool to control hunger with satiation management.

What is satiation management?

There is only one true way to instinctually stop eating and that is when we are full and our stomach tells our brain you have eaten enough food and you literally can't take another bite. Food is a turn off a mental and physical switch that makes it impossible to eat anymore. Just like an eating contest, there is always a winner.

Unfortunately, we reach that overeating trigger eating unhealthy addictive processed foods and we become fat.


The Macroloading Method will trigger the same stop eating switch just like food does with a bio-compatible water hydrating expanding product called Bio-Curb filling you up the same way food does, but with zero calories.


Now it is safe to reach complete satiation fullness and stop hunger so you can consume less food than normal.

The Bio-Curb works the same way as if you had the gastric balloon in your stomach giving you volume, weight, and density so you have less room for food in your stomach.

It just makes sense if you consume ninety percent less food you will lose the maximum weight possible in the fastest time safely.

The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb does this in thirty minutes everytime you feel hunger coming on.

Using your minimal "survival" basal metabolic rate or the smallest amount of food you need to survive. Weight loss is accelerated using any kind of diet you want and studies show more than double weight loss on The Macroloading Method. Losing weight is about eating less and when you are not hungry this becomes not only possible but easy.

The Macroloading is not some kind of voodoo miracle cure or a fad diet as it uses biomacromolecule science and instinctual eating to solve real life food addiction the root cause of obesity.

You may have never heard of anything like this method for losing weight which relies on your fullness trigger because what has come before has always been the starvation small portion control diet which of course works but is extremely hard to follow because these diets do not address real life hunger and our instinctive need to eat.

The solution is here and available today please go to to order Bio-Curb for satiation management if not for you for someone you love. Give the chance to live longer


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