"Here's is my story and why a protocol I developed trademarked and patented will change the way people will lose weight and cure (OFA) and obesity safely, quickly, forever" - Jayson Tratten

I am a little ashamed of how I let myself go in my late 30's. I was 60 plus pounds overweight. I was eating "fast food" and drinking "energy drinks" like water. I was a typical workaholic and many nights I did not get home till after 10:30 pm. My marriage was falling apart until it finally ended in divorce. 

Cruise food Jayson"Here's me on my way... 200 pounds and growing"

I was a swimming pool and spa designer/builder and at the forefront of many innovative products that you see today. I was so busy focusing my creativity in work I never had time for anything else. My health was in decline and my weight was considered obese and getting out of control.

My (BMI) Body Mass Index weight should have been 155 pounds, not 220 plus pounds.

Along the way, my cousin won a Nobel prize I was very proud of him but made me think... 

WHAT IF... I could come up with something really important!

After my a divorce, I had the time to use my focus in other directions. So I started to do some innovating/inventing and I came up with a few different products. One was a cooling vest for the Arizona heat. Friends and family wanted me to market them, but it was just not big enough for me so I ended up giving most away to the homeless. You can buy a similar design today.

(Passive and active cooling vest for the Arizona heat)

The best thing about making these vests was the product that activated them... a very special all natural bio-crystal which had amazing properties, which I put back on the shelf for a short time.

As my next job started to flourish it went suddenly flat. Not very good, but I had some free time again. I went back to innovating and came up with a few things some of them can be found in stores like Home Depot etc...

During this time, I was gaining weight again and feeling very unhealthy but finally made the commitment to go on a diet for the first time in my life. Wow did I learn about willpower... or lack of.

I loved to eat and eat and eat... That's when I learned the root cause for my unhealthy body mass index/obesity was really (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction.

I was at the mercy of insidious advertising, bad genetics, mental stress, and peer pressure. I was always giving in to... "hey let's go and get something to eat".

Well after I ate my meal and my skinny girlfriends meal I was stuffed and had that..."I can't take another bite feeling" or the "Lounge chair... lay back...unbutton the pants full feeling".  

 "Here's me over 200 pounds with my best friend"

I asked myself how does anyone succeed at a diet trying to eat unappetizing small portions of "healthy food"..."yuck". I was always so hungry that I would binge or "cheat-eat"  in secret, but I told everyone how great my diet was working.

Then I started to look around me, it seemed two out of three people were overweight. It was like a bolt of lightning had hit me... how many people needed something that really works and how important it would be if someone could do something to help people with (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction

In my research, I found out that 2.1 Billion people worldwide have an unhealthy (BMI) Body Mass Index and are obese and worse morbidly obese. 

Was it possible to find a cure and WHAT IF...

Hmm, what to do? That's when I stumbled upon the answer which led me to one of those eureka moments that most innovators work a lifetime for and The Macroloading Method protocol was born... the rest is history. Now there is a real cure for OFA and obesity.

At the time, I had a friend that worked for NASA and I gave him The Macroloading Method to use for a development program to help conserve food on long space missions.

For me, I had bigger plans and used it to develop The Feel Full Anti-Diet Diet first for my own weight loss (over 50 pounds in two and a half months) then giving it away to friends, family, and strangers anyone that would listen to this crazy guy. I can't tell you how many people that I approached that wanted to tell me about how great their diets were working and how I should try it.

I listened, but my inner thoughts were "so how's that working out... it was obvious not very well".

After I told them about Macroloading and how it works and that I was conducting clinic trials some thought I was a nut and found excuses to back away.

BUT... Some people used their common sense and could understand how The Feel Full Anti-Diet Diet really works and would not fail them like all other diets had.

Here's a list of why Macroloading with The Feel Full Anti-Diet Diet... will always work!
  1. You can't fail at losing all your excess weight and reaching your ideal Body Mass Index no matter how overweight or lack of willpower.
  2. It does not rely on excessive or any exercise to work (exercise is recommended).
  3. It does not rely on a strict restrictive diet to work (A healthy diet is recommended)
  4. Works as a non-invasive NATURAL colon detoxifier.
  5. Two-day fast on pure water while never feeling hungry.
  6. Will ELIMINATE constipation for normal/natural bowel movements.
  7. May help with BPH or urinary incontinence (not confirmed)
  8. Saves hundreds of dollars as you will consume up to 90% less food. 
  9. CURES (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction THE KEY... to maintaining a healthy BMI.
  10. Macroloading is the safest - most efficient - fastest way humanly possible to get rid of unhealthy body fat.  
  11. The Macroloading Method is simple and inexpensive with results in thirty minutes! 
  12. Soothe hemorrhoids!
  13. A True Obesity Cure!!               


As Wrigley and I went across country on our amazing "Grand Adventure" from coast to coast California to Key West, Florida to Ambergris Caye, Belize we met some really great people along the way that signed up for our clinical trials... you may have even seen us. We were pretty hard to miss.

"Yes, that's Wrigley in the chair"

The best part of Macroloading is... it always works! As it can not... not work. I give many thanks to all the people that participated in our clinical trials... you did great! We always knew you would... "thank you for trusting our team".

"There's nothing like The Macroloading Method a breakthrough that uses proven all natural biomacromolecular science and our instinctual response to stop eating when you are full... so you are never hungry 24/7"

Macroloading bio-crystals are so effective you only need a small teaspoon and 16 ounces of water per hunger event to reach satiation and complete fullness!!

Biocompatible with the human body

Within the molecular science world, these unique little Macroloading "bio-crystals" are in a class by themselves made up of 100% safe and effective all natural super high molecular biomacromolecules of HYDROGEN, CARBON, OXYGEN, AND NITROGEN the four large molecules comprising living things.

"Macroloading bio-crystals are all natural and have no drug interactions or side effects, The Macroloading bio-crystals contain no harmful chemicals or any artificial ingredients and when hydrated become 99.9% water in your stomach so your body tolerates Macroloading the same as if you were drinking pure water"

Just a small teaspoon of Macroloading bio-crystals when hydrated and activated with water, will expand naturally in your stomach to fill your stomach up like a huge meal. Macrololoading all natural bio-crystals are colorless - tasteless - odorless - very safe and effective.

The Macroloading Method with The Feel Full Anti-Diet Diet  will always keep you satiated and never hungry triggering the "I can't eat another bite feeling" that lasts for hours between meals with zero calories enabling you to eat a minuscule (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate of healthy food.

The Macroloading Method will work with any nutrient dense small portion/low-calorie diet program

The success rate of The Macroloading Method is 100%!

You can not fail!

Lose all your excess weight quickly!

The Macroloading Method sends your body into a maximum fat burning survival mode and you quickly (in three-week increments and then a reset period) lose your (OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction and all the weight that you need to cure obesity and reach your healthiest BMI Body Mass Index.

Macroloading and The Feel Full Anti-Diet Diet is...

  • SAFE!
  • QUICK!

 "Here's me at 155 pounds" 


 Two-Day 24/7 Never Hungry Sample Kit


CURE overexpressed food addiction and obesity... not only for our generation but for future generations...ending obesity is our goal and our passion - let's start today"  J Tratten