I challenge MealEnders and Shark Tank to see which works better Bio-Curb or MealEnders.


I challenge MealEnders to see which works better Bio-Curb or MealEnders.


What are they afraid of?

Bio-Curb works better than gastric balloon surgery by giving you physically less space in your stomach so you reach REAL fullness faster to trigger satiety.
Early satiety is the inability to eat a full meal or feeling full after only a small amount of food.
You can use Bio-Curb to achieve REAL fullness with zero calories that you control from 100% fullness to 1% fullness... no surgery can produce these results. In 30 minutes you can physically and mentally curb your appetite to stop hunger 24/7 without fail. Anyone young or old, male or female consuming 90% less will lose the maximum weight in the fastest time. Bio-Curb just makes perfect sense.
Versus I don't understand "how it could work" voodoo solution.
With Bio-Curb to prove it works just eat a meal to the point you literally say "I just can't take another bite" when you are completely full... physically and mentally "not hungry anymore". You know the feeling the point eating, more food becomes unappetizing and physically impossible and it takes you a long time before you feel hungry again and even skipping your next meal or meals. That's the proof of how Bio-Curb works.
Bio-Curb is an advanced safe water absorbing hydrogel that will swell 400% with water. One "salt size" granule will swell to the size of a small blueberry and only one teaspoon will absorb a whole 24 ounces of water to give you REAL volume, weight, and density as REAL food.
Bio-Curb has no odor is tasteless and being non-organic will not ferment to give off gas!
Pour one teaspoon into a large glass of water and Bio-Curb will sink to the bottom. Quickly draw up with a straw as Bio-Curb will start absorbing the water very quickly and if you wait too long will not fit through the straw. Finish the water. That's it easy, simple, and inexpensive.
In 30 minutes it will feel like you just consumed a very large ZERO calorie meal. The best, most effective, REAL instinctual stop eating trigger that humans have.
It will work for anyone YOUNG or old, male or female all you need is a stomach and a brain. Get better than surgery results with triple weight loss on ANY diet or even no diet... you can even eat the foods you crave!
Bio-Curb is not a trick or a nutty solution that by eating a piece of candy SOMEHOW could possibly trick your mind into eating less. Shame on any nutritionist saying a piece of candy will solve real life hunger.... Period.
Bio-Curb is FDA safe and non-toxic and holds a (GRAS) FDA rating... Generally Regarded As Safe. Bio-Curb uses REAL macromolecule science and is 100% bio-compatible becoming 99.9% water. Bio-Curb is non-organic and does not break down like food or enter your bloodstream.
Bio-Curb will also solve constipation as food can not bind and become too hard to pass. Can a lollipop do that?
So anytime MealEnders or Shark Tank wants a showdown for a REAL solution for being overweight or obese... I am available anytime!
The solution is not starvation management but REAL satiation management.
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