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How I lost 59 pounds in 2 1/2 months that's 23.6 pounds a month with a new method!  TO   It's called the Macroloading Method that makes it possible to consume 90% less without ever feeling hungry.  Do you need to lose the maximum amount of weight safely and in the fastest time possible without spending a lot of money? If so then you need to try The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb! Bio-Curb always works because it creates volume, weight, and density the way REAL food does and will not try to change the way your body assimilates food naturally. Your body thinks it's consuming natural food in a natural way.Bio-Curb works to stop eating by physical fullness with ZERO...

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Bio-Curb works and is a REAL diet appetite suppressant

  Bio-Curb works and is a REAL diet appetite suppressant using natural physical volume, weight, and density... like REAL food to trigger 100% stop eating by solving hunger in 30 minutes all without consuming a single calorie. I lost 60 pounds in 2-1/2 months over 20 pounds a month without ever having diet crushing hunger while eating anything I wanted. I reached my healthiest (BMI) Body Mass Index and if you have a stomach and a brain you can do the same using Bio-Curb. 220 (2.5 months)  160   Throw away all those dangerous drugs and ineffective scam products forget about risky expensive surgery a better way is now available.   Eat 90% less without ever feeling hungry. Lose triple the amount...

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This is total B.S. shame on Shape Magazine to publish this proven fake science.

This is total B.S. shame on Shape Magazine to publish this fake science of Apple cider vinegar.  REAL weight loss is achieved by eating less (80%) and moving more (20%). Drinking cider will not stop real hunger the enemy of eating less. Genetics, peer pressure, mental stress contributes to overexpressed food addiction but the worst is insidious advertising even if you lose the weight the ads are still there working your cravings. The newest "tool" is which puts real physical and mental fullness with a zero calorie 99.9% water hydrogel. It works by physically triggering your STOP EATING trigger with the REAL volume, weight, and density that only real FOOD accomplishes. Bio-Curb is not a trick or some B.S....

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