Physical fat where does it go when you lose weight?

It just does not disappear by magic.

It leaves our body in molecular form from all of our bodies excretions.

When we move more (accounting for 20% of fat loss) we breath heavier and fat molecules leave our body faster in our Carbon Dioxide.

Eating less accounts for 80% of physical fat loss by the math of more goes out than what goes in.

There is no secret to weight gain and weight loss. If you consume too much unhealthy food you gain weight and if you eat too little (small portions - low-calorie diet) you will lose weight.

Eating less (80% of weight loss) is a quicker and more efficient way to lose weight.

Anyone who consumes 90% less than normal will lose the maximum in the fastest time possible. Simple math.

People do many things to achieve this ratio with extreme starvation diets and surgery, however, the one thing that drives everyone is how to control hunger and the NEED to eat when we are hungry. This typically leads the food addicted right back to what made them gain weight. Hunger is the root cause of obesity. We only eat when we are hungry and stop eating when we are full or no longer hungry.

The Macroloading Method is the solution and a real cure for obesity as it treats hunger physically and treats food addiction mentally all using our evolutionary instinctual eating.

No scams or tricks, no chemicals to mask or expensive permanent risky surgery.

Macroloading uses a water-absorbing non-organic bio-compatible hydrogel called Bio-Curb to put zero calorie weight, volume, and density with the same results as a gastric balloon. Only one teaspoon of dehydrated Bio-Curb in water will fill you up triggering the physical and mental stop eating response in 30 minutes.

The hydrated non-toxic inert Bio-Curb has an FDA (GRAS) rating. Bio-Curb only absorbs water and will not breakdown and since food will not bind to the hydrated Bio-Curb it will effectively solve any constipation issues. You will have satisfying, normal, easy and complete bowel movements.

Here's the bottom line The Macroloading Method with Bio-Curb hydrogel solves real diet crushing hunger in 30 minutes and fills you up to 90 percent with a 10 percent of a nutrient dense food to complete the 100 percent fullness feeling and stop eating trigger response every time.

New satiation (non-hunger) management versus the old standard of starvation (hunger) management.

Do the math... Anyone young or old, male or female who consumes 90 percent less than "normal" WILL lose the maximum amount of weight in the quickest amount of time.

The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb is the holy grail of extreme weight loss and so easy and inexpensive to do that it will be the way everyone will lose weight and achieve a healthy body mass index.

Sold online at a one month supply (340 grams) is only $35.00.