Macroloading... A Huge Hit For Curing Obesity

The Macroloading Method hydrating bio- crystal's sold out in two days in first opening with no surprise... "everyone knows that the secret to weight reduction is... Eat less, Move more" - says Jayson Tratten the inventor and innovator of the new and unique patented approach to weight loss.

Cost Of The Obese World

The cost of the obese world is bad and getting worse as the health of adults and children alike are being affected with no cure in sight.

We have all heard of the alarming rise in obesity among both adults and children and it might be easy to think that over-consuming and weight gain has been blown out of proportion. What's putting on a few pounds and how could that be a worldwide epidemic?
Obesity is a severe public health crisis and all experts agree that as more obese children become obese adults, the diseases associated with obesity, such as heart disease, cancer, and especially diabetes will continue to surge at unprecedented rates. In under twenty years, two out of three people in the United States will be considered obese. That will mean a lot of sick people will need obesity-related treatments.
Marion Nestle, P.h.D., MPH, chair of the department of nutrition and food studies at New York University says the costs of these illnesses will be "astronomical."

James O. Hill, P.h.D., director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, agrees with Marion Nestle P.h.D., M.P.H. that at this rate, obesity-related diabetes alone "will break the bank of our healthcare system."

So How Do We Stop Obesity?

The Macroloading Method addresses and cures the most serious aspect of excessive weight gain... (OFA) overexpressed food addiction which leads to overeating and obesity. Food addiction is the root cause of obesity and the most costly of all addictions combined.

Food addiction stems from:
Processed foods with addictive ingredients
Insidious advertising
Peer Pressure
Mental stress issues

"If we are genetically pre-dispositioned for a larger body mass index (BMI) then we should just embrace the fact that we are overweight and not worry about it" Says Jill S.

Experts would not agree, but a solution has been found that solves the root problem of over-consuming in a processed food environment.
Advancements In Biomacromolecule Science Makes Macroloading Now Possible.

"Biomacromolecule science is of biological origin, biology refers to macromolecules as the four large molecules comprising living things. Macroloading "crystals" uses biomacromolecule science as a natural cure for (OFA) over-expressed food addiction the root cause of obesity".

The Macroloading Method solves the problem of over-consumption by addressing the hunger issue which is the root of (OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction and the main cause for the obesity epidemic.

"Macroloading uses our instinctual "mental and physical tool" of fullness to STOP eating. With The Macroloading Method, it's about feeling full so you are not hungry anymore. The Macroloading Method will "fill-up" anyone's stomach with zero calories in thirty minutes... So now you can finally control how much food you consume.

Dial in exactly what you need for weight loss. For the fastest weight loss, it's best to Macroload to a ninety percent fullness ratio with a ten percent extreme low-calorie nutrient dense diet". For a maintenance program a fifty/fifty ratio with a good "paleo/veg" calorie neutral diet works best.

Macroloading will allow you to stay within a few pounds of your healthiest (BMI) Body Mass Index and will literally train your stomach and mind without stress to make better choices.

Macroloading is not a trick... But works like a trick using our "built-in" natural primal reaction to stop eating when we are full. It's true when your stomach is happy and satiated so are you.

Now anyone's can cure their overexpressed eating habits.

Macroloading works WITH food addiction to CURE food addiction or satiation management versus hunger management. The Macroloading Method is a totally reverse concept than what people are used to with a typical restrictive low-calorie, small-portion control diet.

A Cure That's a bold claim, but that is exactly what Macroloading will deliver.
Macroloading is endorsed by science experts around the globe along with doctors, homeopaths, holistic healers, eastern and western medical disciplines to be safe and effective.

Many "larger in life" celebrities use Macroloading as real "miracle tool" to cure obesity. The Macroloading Method can help anyone YOUNG or old to cure obesity and to solve a host of other gastrointestinal related problems.

Benefits of Macroloading:
1, Constipation issues... solved in 48 hours with natural bowel movements.
2.Detoxification... use The Macroloading Method as an effective and simple non-invasive absorption-hydration detoxification of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract while having normal bowel movements.
3. Fasting... with Macroloading, you can now fast on pure water! Without ever feeling hungry! A huge homeopathic and holistic breakthrough!
4. Lose weight... in the most effective - efficient - quickest - safest way possible.
5. Better Sleeping habits... being satiated is often followed by a sudden urge to take a nap. This is normal after eating a big meal. Macroloading simulates naturally a large meal making you feel sleepy to have a better nights sleep. The opposite is true feeling hungry makes it hard to sleep and stay sleeping.
6. Better focus... when we are starving we focus on our stomach. Macroloading will trigger the fullness feeling and take you mind off your stomach so you can concentrate more clearly on the task at hand.
7. Better decisions... studies show we buy less food and make healthier choices when we are satiated. The Macroloading Method solves hunger so when you go shopping for food you can make better choices.
8. WILLPOWER... willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals. Macroloading solves short-term hunger temptations and why it will cure (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction the root cause of obesity.

"The leading willpower researcher Roy Baumeister, PhD, a psychologist at Florida State University, describes three necessary components for achieving objectives:
First, he says, you need to establish the motivation for change and set a clear goal.
Second, you need to monitor your behavior toward that goal.

The third component is willpower. Whether your goal is to lose weight, kick a smoking habit, study more, or spend less time on Facebook, willpower is a critical step to achieving that outcome".

The American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America Survey
"The survey asks, among other things, about participants’ abilities to make healthy lifestyle changes. Survey participants regularly cite lack of willpower as the No. 1 reason for not following through with such changes".

"At its essence, willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals". - Roy Baumeister, P.h.D.
Willpower Is Why The Macroloading Method Always Works

Here's how The Macroloading Method will solve the three necessary components to achieving and maintaining all your weight loss objectives according to Roy Baumeister, P.h.D. an expert in the research and science of willpower.

1. The motivation for a change...lose weight to reach your healthiest (BMI) body mass index and maintain what you accomplished. The Macroloading Method is the motivation to go from unhealthy to healthy simply - safely - quickly.
2. Monitor your behavior... With Macroloading, you get immediate results in thirty minutes every time you Macroload. You can physically feel your hunger dissipate and see a definitive change in your behavior patterns to solve your (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction and achieve wellness.


Macroloading solves the willpower/hunger issue physically and mentally by always feeling full and satiated... this enables you to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals the essence of willpower. That's how The Macroloading Method solves Overexpressed Food Addiction (OFA) and will CURE obesity in our lifetime.
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