The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends for losing weight the simple formula EAT LESS and MOVE MORE this does work for some people. We all know that if we eat too much we gain weight and if we eat too little we lose weight.
This sounds like a simple formula and there are many people with super willpower that really do lose weight and keep it off. We have all seen the amazing commercials and pictures with the before and after pictures.
So if losing weight is so easy and we know the secret then why are 2.1 BILLION people worldwide still overweight, obese or morbidly obese?
Obesity is a complex problem fueled by the availability of cheap, fatty, sugary, salty, high-calorie "junk food" and the rise of sedentary lifestyles. It is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, diabetes, arthritis and certain cancers. Chronic complications of weight kill about 3.4 million adults annually, the U.N. World Health Organization says.

The final FACT... Obesity will shorten your life!!!


If you want to live longer it's better to be at a healthy (BMI) Body Mass Index. You can determine your BMI with this ===> calculator.

The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb will give you that chance to live longer.


 The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb addresses the World Health Organizations  solution for effective weight loss EAT LESS!
(OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction is about not being able to control your overeating and is the root cause of obesity and why you don't lose weight or when you do lose weight it comes back gaining, even more, weight... The Yo-Yo Effect.

OFA is caused by insidious advertising, peer pressure, genetics, and a downward spiral of mental stresses.

So if you learn one thing from this you have to get over the fact that it's not your fault that you are overweight.
Here's another fact. We eat only when we are hungry and have to stop eating when we reach satiation. Think of those crazy eating contests eventually everyone stops eating!
The Macroloading Method using an FDA non-toxic safe water absorbing hydrogel works like a gastric balloon taking up 90% of your stomach with natural... volume, weight, and density leaving 10% for any nutrient dense meal to completely fill you up... triggering stop eating!
Think about it... if you eat 90% less food you will safely lose the maximum amount of weight in the quickest time and why The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb is being evaluated for the Fast Track Development Program to control worldwide obesity because it has only positive results and it really works.

The Macroloading Method using FDA safe Bio-Curb is not a scam product.  

The Macroloading patented and trademarked method solves over-expressed food addiction (OFA) "over consuming" by controlling hunger (24 hours a day - 7 days a week) triggering your instinctual response "I'm so full I literally can't take another bite feeling" with zero calories.
The Macroloading Method is a totally new and revolutionary concept for weight loss that anyone can use young or old, male or female, rich or poor that will always work. The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb hydrogel is inexpensive and simple to do. A real solution for effective weight loss and a permanent solution to weight management.
Macroloading clinical studies using FDA safe Bio-Curb prove that is just as effective as the gastric balloon studies which showed a more than doubling the weight loss on a restrictive diet. 
The Macroloading Method duplicates the same weight loss results of the gastric balloon method without risky surgery and costs. The Macroloading Method can be used "as needed" unlike the Gastric Balloon, which is removed after 6 months (if tolerated).  Gastric balloon studies show 33% of clinical patients gained most or all their weight back after removal a significant relapse. This can never happen when using The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb.
Bio-Curb can be used "as needed" and is sustainable and safe for anyone to use as a lifelong maintenance tool and is the perfect compliment to any restrictive portion control diet. With Macroloading, you don't need any special qualification procedures, fighting with insurance companies to qualify or pay exorbitant out of pocket costs... making surgery only available to people with wealth. With Macroloading, all you need is the desire to lose weight.

(biomacromolecule science)

Biocompatible with the human body

Biomacromolecule science is of biological origin. Biology refers to macromolecules as the four large molecules comprising all living things. Macroloading with Bio-Curb uses biomacromolecule science as a 100% effective, safe solution using instinctual natural eating and fullness to solve (OFA) over-expressed food addiction the root cause of obesity. 


Dehydrated Bio-Curb only absorbs water turning into soft slippery biocompatible hydrogel

Within the molecular science world, these unique little Macroloading "bio-crystals" are in a class by themselves made up of 100% FDA non-toxic GRAS rated safe and effective super-absorbant high-density molecular biomacromolecules of polymerized HYDROGEN, CARBON, OXYGEN, AND NITROGEN the four large molecules comprising all living things.

(close up Bio-Curb soft 99.9% water hydrogel)

Each tiny dehydrated Bio-Curb grows when mixed with water in your stomach to over 400 times in original size to about the size of a small blueberry becoming a totally inert - zero calorie - water absorbing super-biomacromolecule that gives you volume, weight, and density mimicking a huge meal just like a gastric balloon. 
The water-absorbed expanded Bio-Curb pieces have a non-organic Jell-O like consistency and are 99.9% water! This is important because water is our most tolerated substance on earth. Bio-Curb does not degrade and will only absorb water and is eliminated on your next bowel movement.  



1. Whenever you feel hunger coming on...
Use one teaspoon (about 4 grams) of Bio-Curb and pour into a minimum 16oz to 24oz glass of water or a water-based liquid.
(Tip: Using a large diameter straw draw up the all the Bio-Curb and liquid immediately. Do not wait as Bio-Curb will start absorbing water quickly and will become too large to fit through your straw!)
2. Wait for at least twenty to thirty minutes for Bio-Curb to activate and absorb the liquid in your stomach. If you still don't have a "fullness feeling"*  and you are still hungry try adding another 1/4 Teaspoon of Bio-Curb with 12oz or more of a water based liquid.
(Tip: Drinking more water will complete the fullness feeling stomach sizes and eating habits vary)
3. When you reach your own fullness level... You will find that your need to eat and all hunger has vanished... Making it simple and easy to "top off" with something "snack" sized that is nutrient dense.


Bio-Curb should be used in conjunction with ANY nutrient dense diet, but if you want you can eat whatever you are craving because you will take one or two bites and will trigger the "I am so full I can't take another bite feeling".

The plan is to use the bare minimum of your lowest (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate as possible. With 90% less food consumed. Since you are never hungry 24/7 this becomes very easy as you start to enjoy your new found control mechanism.

It's like going food shopping on a full stomach you buy less and make healthier choices. Think about how much money you will save when you eat 90 percent less and food is no longer your focus!


Your (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction will diminish and making the right choices become second nature and even forgetting sometimes to eat!
The Macroloading Method should be done in three-week increments. After the third week a quick (+1 pound) weight gain to reset your body for the next three-week weight loss cycle.
This reset time is to get you out of the diet lull which occurs when your metabolism naturally slows down.

Expect results of 20 to 30 pounds a month*

(*depending on starting weight)
The Macroloading Method does not rely on exercise, but of course getting moderate exercise to increase your breathing rate helps to expel more fat molecules in your Carbon Dioxide and tone muscle mass.
Because food will not bind and become hard with Bio-Curb hydrogel the first thing you will notice is comfortable very natural easy complete bowel movements and relief from becoming constipated. For some people, this is one of the best benefits of using Bio-Curb. 
The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb hydrogel is a great detoxifier as well. It is now possible to do a two-day homeopathic detoxification/cleanse/fast with just pure water while never being hungry.

The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb is the newest, fastest, safest, and best way to lose weight... this will be the way everyone loses weight!

Don't consider surgery before trying The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb hydrogel. 

Once you have discovered this amazing new method you will tell everyone how great it is! 


The future is here and it's SATIATION (never hungry) MANAGEMENT versus STARVATION (always hungry) MANAGEMENT.

  Two-Day 24/7 Never Hungry Sample Kit






 Easy, Simple and INEXPENSIVE