The fastest growing new Anti-Diet Diet is how everyone will lose weight to reach a healthy BMI... A TRUE obesity cure!

The fastest growing new Anti-Diet Diet is how everyone will lose weight to reach a healthy BMI

A TRUE obesity cure!

It is now possible to eat anything you want and lose the maximum amount of weight in the fastest time safely. The Macroloading Method uses biocompatible macromolecule science with an FDA non-toxic water absorbing hydrogel to physically and mentally solve hunger 24/7 the root cause of overeating and weight gain.

As you know surgery decreases how much food you can intake so you reach fullness faster to trigger satiation and stop eating. Bariatric surgery main goal is to force you to eat less food. If you eat less you will lose weight just as a diet is about smaller portions (less food) and fewer calories.


The World Health Organization (WHO) makes this statement for reducing the obesity epidemic: EAT LESS 80% of weight loss and MOVE MORE 20% of weight loss.

Both surgery and restrictive diets are about a lifestyle changes neither address real life hunger and food addiction. We eat when we are hungry and we are virtually helpless to forces that want to exploit this and would like us to consume more.

Your food addiction is under attack and is being bombarded by billions of dollars of insidious advertising. On top of the addictive food peer pressure, genetics, and mental stresses contribute to overconsuming.

So you have to get over anyone telling it's your fault that you are overweight. You are part of the worldwide 30% club that's 2.1 billion overweight people of 7.34 billion people on the planet and your club is getting more members... the bad news are we are also losing members.

More than a third of all adult Americans – some 78.6 million people -- and 17 percent of young people are obese, according to research. Without intervention and a dramatic change in unhealthy eating habits, the adult obesity rate could reach 50 percent by 2030.That means more obesity-related health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke, hypertension, arthritis and even cancer.

Obesity was associated with higher mortality rates for both cardiovascular disease and cancer. BMI was most strongly associated with cardiovascular disease mortality among men (RR=2.90), but significantly increased risks of CVD death were found at all BMIs of greater than 25.0 in women and 26.5 in men. The findings showed an increase of 40% to 80% in risk of dying from cancer among both men and women in the highest weight categories.

These are the sobering statistics but the good news is recent advances in Macromolecule science has developed a REAL solution to help stop overeating and satisfying The World Health Organization of eating less (80% of weight loss) and a real chance to live longer.

Bio-Curb works like bariatric surgery but better. Bio-Curb is a water absorbing hydrogel made up of FDA safe biocompatible macromolecules and will decrease how much food you can actually consume so you can self-regulate your fullness ratio from 100 percent fullness to 1% fullness in 30 minutes. With surgery, you don't have that choice you get one size and it better work to maintain a lifestyle change. If you get a Gastric Balloon you have six months to make that lifestyle change.

With Bio-Curb it does not matter if you are YOUNG or old, male or female, even rich or poor. If you have a stomach a brain a glass of water and a straw Bio-Curb will work to give you REAL physical and mental fullness to triggering stop eating and solving REAL LIFE hunger simply with 100 percent effectiveness.

(Bio-Curb FDA safe only absorbs water to become a soft and slippery 99.9% water hydrogel)

Bio-Curb is a different way to address REAL food addiction and obesity. Before Bio-Curb we starved ourselves to be thin and hunger drove us to consume too much food resulting in weight gain.

With Bio-Curb you don't starve a food addiction you literally make your food addiction work for you with REAL satiation.

One small teaspoon of Bio-Curb with water in 30 minutes puts REAL volume, weight, and density in your stomach to trigger fullness solving hunger just like REAL food would do. With Bio-Curb you can easily consume less food.

Here's a fact: If you consume 90 percent less than normal you HAVE to lose the maximum weight in the fastest time possible. With Bio-Curb you are solving hunger and your focus on your stomach and the need to eat vanishes! It's really that simple and why Bio-Curb is such a breakthrough in effective weight loss.

Bio-Curb is not a trick or scam product that has flooded every nook and cranny of the marketplace. REAL help is here and will soon be the way everyone loses weight to reach a healthy (BMI) Body Mass Index and a REAL chance to live longer!

Surgery is expensive and risky and following a restrictive diet plan with those meals you order is also expensive mostly reserved for people of wealth. This revenue stream for these doctors and companies really don't want to be disturbed so, in fact, it is very profitable to have lots and lots of customers.

I have a lawyer's letter from a mail order pre-packed meal delivery company asking me to cease and desist... as my method of use is encouraging people how to use their plan to consume 90 percent less. I guess consuming 90 percent less of their product is not profitable for them. With Bio-Curb you can eat the foods you crave and still lose weight!

Yes, I know eating healthy is better and you naturally learn to eat that way with Bio-Curb by seeing results faster as an incentive. Hey, I like an Ultimate Baconator sometimes, however, I can take two bites and trigger "I am so full I literally can't take another bite" and throw away 90 percent of that $8.95 burger.

Bio-Curb works so well that we purposely keep it as inexpensive as possible so more people will use it to reach a healthy weight and easily keep it off.

One month (340 grams) is only $35.00 that could be one night dining out. Of course, if you used Bio-Curb prior to going out you might not be able to finish splitting an appetizer saving you a large restaurant bill.

I know anything new people see with a level of skepticism. So... I want you to see and feel the proof for yourself. If you can risk $5.00 I will send you a two-day sample just go to and send back a review would be appreciated.

Use Bio-Curb if not for you for someone you love. or