The best way to lose the maximum weight in the fastest time possible.

The best way to lose the maximum weight in the fastest time possible.

Now it is possible to eat whatever you crave and still lose more than double the weight without ever feeling diet crushing hunger!
The NEW unique FDA safe non-toxic (GRAS) rated Macroloading Method using water absorbing Bio-Curb hydrogel is the perfect weight loss diet tool and will solve food addiction and overeating the root cause of obesity.
Originally designed for NASA to conserve food on long space missions and keep occupants on a healthy (BMI) Body Mass Index.
The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb is unique because it is about SATIATION management instead of HUNGER management!
Bio-Curb works safely using your natural fullness feeling just as if you consumed a huge meal the same way food does with volume, density, and weight tripping your instinctual (STOP EATING) response whenever you feel hunger coming on.
Bio-Curb works every time in just 30 minutes. With Bio-Curb, your always triggering that "I JUST CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER BITE FEELING". Feel full and satiated without consuming a single calorie!

This is how to lose the maximum amount of weight in the fastest time using water absorbing Bio-Curb hydrogel:

One small teaspoon of Bio-Curb with 18 to 24 ounces of water in 30 minutes will take up space in your stomach to reach 90% fullness then "top" off to 100% satiation with any nutrient dense diet.
It is a simple formula and just makes sense that when anyone who consumes 90% less food will lose the maximum amount of weight possible in the fastest time.

Bio-Curb works like surgery but better in two ways:


1. Like a gastric balloon THAT YOU CONTROL taking up space with volume, weight, and density leaving less room for food.
2. Like bariatric surgery THAT YOU CONTROL decreasing how much food you can physically consume to reach fullness faster.

With Bio-Curb you can still eat the foods you crave!

Giving in to a craving was always the gateway to failing on a restrictive small portion low-calorie diet but not when using Bio-Curb to solve your hunger pangs!
You can really eat foods that the diet community tells you to stay away from... Sounds crazy but here's what happens... when you eat ANY food after taking one or two bites you will feel full (like eating a huge meal) and that will trigger your 100% instinctual STOP eating response. Everyone has this trigger even people that are professional eating contestants.
The goal is to make better choices and it's easy when you use Bio-Curb it's like going shopping on a full stomach where statistics prove you buy less and make better choices.
Bio-Curb works with your survival minimal (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the bare minimum amount of food that your body needs. The breakthrough is you are on the most extreme starvation type diet safely without ever feeling hunger!
Bio-Curb is a proven breakthrough in weight management and why it is in many fast track development programs.
Many doctors are advising their obese and morbidly obese patients against getting surgery and using a more natural way to reach wellness and a healthy (BMI) Body Mass Index.
Using Bio-Curb is the perfect dieting TOOL! Use any diet that works for you or not even diet at all... you now have choices. Using Bio-Curb is about consuming less food while never feeling diet crushing hunger.

SATIATION management instead of HUNGER management!

The very definition of a "DIET" is the restriction of food.

Restrictive small portion control diets do not satisfy real life hunger.

Diet programs expect you to get from one meal to the next suffering with hunger pangs that just invite cheat eating and diet failure. If you have ever dieted you know the feeling... you are expected to have superhuman willpower all the time!

Following these diets are nearly impossible. The statistics prove this out. How many people "yo-yo" losing weight then gaining it all back and even more?
We have a worldwide obesity pandemic with over 2 billion people that have unhealthy (BMI) Body Mass Indexes. Many people resort to risky and expensive surgery still without a guarantee that this will work.
Using Bio-Curb with The Macroloading Method is extremely safe, simple, sustainable, effective, easy, and inexpensive. When you learn how and why The Macroloading Method works using Bio-Curb it just makes perfect sense.
We are all food addicted we need to eat. Obesity is about (OFA) Overexpressed (overconsuming) Food Addiction. There's no secret to losing weight if you eat too much you gain weight if you eat too little you lose weight.
Eating less accounts for 80% of how visceral fat physically leaves your body by breaking down to a cellular level and being eliminated by your natural body functions, while moving more accounts for 20% of visceral fat removal... by off-gassing in your carbon dioxide (breathing). You breath harder when you exercise thus losing more fat molecules.
Bio-Curb addresses the 80% EATING LESS part of weight loss and does not rely on moving more.
Using Bio-Curb when you feel hunger coming on cancels out needing willpower and a way to solve real life (OFA) Overexpressed (overeating) Food ADDICTION. Instead of STARVING your food addiction with a restrictive diet Using Bio-Curb SATIATES AND FEEDS your food addiction. A much better solution than abstinence when treating addiction. No one can abstain from eating like other addictions. We HAVE to eat.

Some other amazing benefits are:

1. Bio-Curb eliminates constipation by not letting food bind together and getting to hard to pass.
2. Bio-Curb is great for a complete colon cleansing or fasting process.
"We have to reduce obesity-related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer. The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb is a real chance to live longer by achieving a healthy (BMI) Body Mass Index".
"I implore you or someone you love to check out The Macroloading Method using Bio-Curb... See the proof for yourself... we welcome your review"

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