Why The Macroloading Method works better than endoscopic balloons like The Elipse™, ReShape and Orbera

The Macroloading Method

Needed A Cure for (OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction and Obesity for a Lifetime disease. 



The Elipse™ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon SystemOrbera Gastric Balloon


Two Gastric Balloons Approved By FDA.

In a landmark month for obesity devices, the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System and the Orbera Gastric Balloon were both approved by the US FDA for use in obese individuals. While the approval of these two balloons represents a critical step forward for the treatment of obesity in the United States, the devil may be in the details.

But first, the good stuff: both balloons have been shown to lead to more weight loss than just dieting in large, well-designed clinical trials. Moreover, participants in the ReShape FDA study who were followed for 6 months after their balloons were removed maintained 66% of the weight they had lost. In addition, balloon therapy led to an overall improvement in health, including lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and markers for diabetes.

However, the ReShape and Orbera balloons have their limitations:

-In 1-2% of participants, balloon removal caused serious adverse events including: esophageal tearing, esophageal perforation, and aspiration pneumonia.
-In 35% of ReShape participants, balloons caused ulcers in the stomach
-In 100% of participants, some sort of sedation or anesthesia was required

Elipse was designed to lead to similar weight loss as these two balloons without the risks and costs associated with endoscopy and anesthesia. Specifically, due to its self-emptying design, Elipse does not require a complicated and potentially risky removal procedure. While the risks associated with the ReShape and Orbera balloons may be acceptable to some, a procedure-less balloon-like Elipse may be a safer and more attractive option for many.

While they are effective, The Elipse™ endoscopic balloons have several limitations:

  • They are expensive, driven largely by the cost of endoscopy.
  • They require specialized endoscopic training and anesthesia.
  • They require that the customer return to get the balloon removed.  If customers don’t come back, which happens with some regularity, the risk of balloon deflation, passage into the intestines, and bowel obstruction rises. 

The Elipse™         

"A temporary fix for a lifetime disease"... Not good = D-


The Macroloading Method

 "Needed A Cure for (OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction and Obesity for a Lifetime disease"

The Macroloading Method = A+

New advances in biomacromolecule science have found a solution for OFA Overexpressed food addiction and a breakthrough cure for obesity.

Today the world health care community recommends eating less and moving more. With nothing better to recommend the 2.1 billion people fighting obesity seem to be only getting worse not better. Yes, there is a variety of exotic bariatric surgeries with inherent risks, failures, and large costs. They all work with a complete lifestyle change and you are back to eat less and move more.

With nothing better to recommend the 2.1 billion people fighting obesity hope for a cure is getting worse not better. Yes, there is a variety of  temporary surgery "fixes" with inherent risks, failures, and large costs trying to cure a lifetime disease. They all work with a complete lifestyle change that most people are not willing to do and 33% of people with these exotic surgical procedures relapse after six months. Once removed you are back to the (WHO) World Health Organization method of eating less and moving more. I would hardly say it was a cure for (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction and the obesity pandemic.

So Why Is The Macroloading Method Different

First you have to look at why most diets fail. All diets are restrictive by definition. Since our modern diet plan is about small portion control to "eat less" you are always experiencing diet crushing hunger. Obesity is about food addiction. The people that can easily lose weight are not food addicted. People that can not take weight off have (OFA) Overexpressed Food Addiction. Right now that's 2.1 billion people worldwide. The highest percentage is the United States, and home to the largest piece of the planet's obese community with 13 percent. The United States holds only 5 percent of the world population.

The Macroloading Method uses your food addiction to cure your food addiction. Think about the last time you ate too much, you reached a point that you literally could not take another bite triggering the stop eating feeling.

Macroloading triggers your fullness feeling physically and mentally with zero calories and that's a game-changing breakthrough!

With hunger out of the way, food-addicted people can easily control how much food to consume. For the most extreme weight loss use a 90/10 ratio; ninety percent Macroload all natural biomacromolecule "crystals" to 10 percent food intake. With the Macroloading Method, you wean yourself off of food addiction and make better choices. You can now eat less because you are not craving food anymore 24/7. Making the Macroloading Method a true path to curing OFA overexpressed food addiction and obesity.

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Seriously lose weight the fastest - safest - most natural way possible to reach your healthiest BMI body mass index if you have 5 pounds or even 500 pounds to lose.  

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