Customer Letters

Hi, Nancy thank you from the bottom of my heart. The questions you asked were all the right ones. You're very smart. To answer how I started The Macroloading Method the answer is I did this for myself first.

Once I reached the age of 35 my metabolism changed; Where I could eat anything and never gain weight now became a struggle to keep my weight down. I was 60 pounds overweight and growing... very time I tried to diet I failed and failed.

I finally got serious when a very close and dear friend from high school passed away from obesity related issues at the age of 50. A REAL wake up call.

Over-consuming IS the root cause of obesity plain and simple. So I researched what would get me over my (OFA) Over-expressed Food Addiction that kept me over consuming. There's no secret to weight loss as eating too much will make you gain weight just as eating too little will make you lose weight. Have you seen the show Naked and Afraid even the buff lose massive amounts of weight in 3 weeks!

In my extensive research, I could not find scientifically anything that was non-surgical that really addressed the solution to weight loss. It was just all scams as nothing solved the biggest problem (hunger). A subject that all diets and products ignore.

There's only one tried and true trigger that always makes you stop eating and that is when you are full! That had to be the solution because it always works! Think of an eating contest to make my point. There's a maximum consumption amount that always makes you quit eating. By triggering that response without getting any calories is the holy grail of weight control management. The Macroloading Method does just that.

The bio-crystal solution was a eureka moment that I knew would change everything and I knew that one day this will be the way everyone will reach and maintain a healthy (BMI) Body Mass Index. Since The Macroloading Method uses volume, weight, and density like real food and has to trigger your stop eating response naturally and safely every time. All it takes is 30 or 40 minutes to achieve complete fullness with total control and zero calories!

Biocompatible with the human body

This is key because at 90% fullness (Macroloading) then all you need is 10% of your survival BMR Basal Metabolic Rate of a nutrient dense food. This will stop instinctual diet crushing hunger. Food addiction can now be solved by always feeling satiated. This is a pretty big deal.

By eating 90% less this more than doubles the weight loss of any restrictive low-calorie small portion control diet. Since it always has to work (creating fullness) it's basically the perfect way to lose weight. Eating less accounts for 80% of weight loss and exercise accounts for 20% of weight loss. Many people just can't exercise until they reach a comfortable weight as gravity is working against them.

The obesity epidemic is over 2.1 billion worldwide with 13 years less mortality on average because of higher risks of diabetes, heart disease (what killed my friend), and cancer. The Macroloading Method will give anyone young or old, male or female, rich or poor with weight issues a chance to live longer. Solving childhood obesity without hunger is now possible.

Other benefits:
Cures constipation.
Two-day fasting detoxification.

Put it this way I know what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went through in the beginning... hearing this over and over "why would anyone ever need a computer I am not interested" eventually they ran into some pretty smart people that "got it" and the rest is history.

I know you are one of those smart people and I want to thank you for considering opening up one of the first Macroloading Clinic franchises and PHAT N FRIENDS home party marketing! Imagine being one of the first to have an Apple or Microsoft store!

We are here to support you all the way... just like The Macroloading Method you can't fail. The location you provided us with seems ideal right next to the "all you can eat" Golden Corral was brilliant.

My best Jayson Tratten CEO/innovator -